Individual (Private) Training

Players are trained by Coach Stacey DeCastro

  • Training is geared specifically to the player and the player’s individual needs.
  • All training is taught based on the player’s level, areas of improvements and needs.
  • All ages and positions are eligible for individual training.
  • Individual skills, game techniques, game tactics as well as fitness geared for soccer players can be requested.

Training can be focused on one element of soccer or a combination of:


  1. Plyometric training
  2. Abdominal strenghtening
  3. Anaerobic and aerobic conditioning
  4. Agility
  5. Squad training
  6. Building ankle and leg strength

Ball/Game Skills

  1. Dribbling
  2. Turning
  3. Inside of foot
  4. Outside of foot
  5. Passing
  6. Heading
  7. Corner kicks
  8. Free kicks
  9. Throw ins

For more information please contact Coach Stacey DeCastro at
email: or phone: (401-640-4865)