Fall/Winter/Spring Clinics

Stacey DeCastro Soccer School clinics put a priority on helping players improve their ability with the soccer ball and increase confidence. Skills are learned to maximize each player's touches on the soccer ball. Players will repetitively work on skill movements at game speed in game conditions with a focus on maximizing the speed and efficiency with the soccer ball.

At the school we will help each player become familiar with moving with the ball at their feet and developing coordination and balance. A perfect program for kids who are brand new to soccer and for kids who want to improve their soccer skills.

Soccer clinics focus on fundamental soccer skills to improve the players’ ability to dribble the ball with control while changing directions and using different parts of the feet. These skills are essential for player to develop at a young age. All sessions are 60 minutes long with 45 minutes of skill games and ending usually with a 15 minutes of keep a way games at the end of the session. The 15 minute games will be coached to reinforce skills learned during the session and teach basic rules and principles of the game. All classes will use age appropriate skill games and exercises to teach your child essential soccer skills and establish a love for the game and being active.

Through our camp structure and connection to the professional game, an environment is created that keeps players invested in their own development long after the clinic concludes.

All campers receive a soccer school T-shirt.